Sandee just went into contract on her new house in an "over 55" community in Natomas and we're sooooo excited!


This house had considerable deferred maintenance but Anne and Toby are going to turn it into a little dollhouse!

They're looking ahead to their retirement years in the distant future.


Just listed and sold Judge Hagle's duplex in South Land Park.....she was a great

client to work with......and I thank Penny Brown for referring her to me! 



Susie and Tom have been GREAT repeat clients! I sold their primary home, referred their Tahoe home to a great agent, sold them a home in Land Park and now just sold them an investment property!  Love these clients who have become good friends! 


I can't believe Linda Steppan Hughes remembered me from college!

She called to ask me to list her mothers Land Park home after  her mom passed away.

So much fun seeing she and her husband after all these years!



I love helping clients for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time! Just sold

their Pocket home and sold them gorgeous new S.Land Park home!

Marlene and Michael.....darling couple.

What great clients!! I sold them their Land Park home 30 years ago and now they're moving into Pioneer House!

Just sold Dianne and Michelle's little Brentwood Village home and sold them a darling place in Greenhaven!  Oh I love happy clients!

Great couple to work with ...he was Trustee for his sister's property in River Park. They were referred to me by a previous client of mine.  

What a darling little lady....91 years old and just moved into Independent Living in midtown.

What a great family!  "The Petavine's".....Just sold "mom's" house and siblings just signed......

Darling couple that asked me to represent them on a purchase of a brand new home!  I can do that too! 

Just ask me before you go out to the new subdivisions to look.  Matt and Laura.....their first home.

After showing Matt and Laura resale homes we went out to Anatolia and are now in contract on a brand NEW home!   

The family of Houston Keehner called me when he passed away and I was delighted to assist the family with the sale of his home in South Land Park.  His son was one of the Executors who lived out of state.....believe it or not, I sold this gentleman's GRANDPARENTS' home 30 years ago too!   Lovely, lovely family.


I represented Jenny and her family after her parents passed away.  I sold the family home out in the Fruitridge area. Super nice family....I thoroughly enjoyed working with all of them.

I was referred to Mary Jane by one of her golfing buddies......I had sold that other friend's home 10 years ago and she remembered me.  Mary Jane was the Executor of her sister's home in Elk Grove...and I sold that home last year.

What a fun little lady!!  She was "down-sizing" and asked me to sell her home in Rancho Cordova so she could move into a Senior Apartment......

I hadn't seen Jack in many years, but was thrilled when he called to ask me to sell his mom's home when she went into a convalescent home.  Great guy!  Loved working with him.

And here's a long-time friend Connie Halpenny......she asked me to sell the home she grew up in.


Mr. Sanchez was referred to me by another client and we sold his home over in the Oak Park area.

Yes yes's Julie....she too was referred to me by a former client and what a delight she is.  She's got her fingers in lots of pies, as they say.......a firecracker!  Loved working with her.

And here's Jason.....we looked at many many many houses for he and his family and finally found the perfect home for them!!  He was a peach to work with.....and Vitek did a great job on his loan. 

Jenny and Greg and their darling darling children!  We found just the perfect family home for them in South Land Park

in Nov. 2015.  

Janice is Jenny's  mom and was super to work with.  Not only did I just sell a rental home she had in midtown,

but she was the Executor of her aunt's home in the Fab Forties and we sold that one summertime 2015.

We worked very hard to find just the right duplex in Greenhaven/Pocket for Stanley.  He didn't mind at all that the one he liked needed some TLC and work.  Price was right and great location!  Loved working with him.

Yes, we found Ms. Bakarich the perfect "first time home buyer" home in a nice Fruitridge neighborhood.  I've sold homes for and to her mom, her sister, and her cousins!  Wonderful family! They all invest in real estate!!